The problem with SlowPsycho is that every time you watch it is a different game being played.

The problem with that is that it is hard for you, and me, to keep up.


The problem is also that when the website database crashed - so it is taking some time to come back online. I wrote a Drupal View once... do you think I can remember how to do it again!

Games I am Streaming

This is the stuff I am currently showing off on my Twitch Channel. These games are played live at the moment, not necessarily every week, not necessarily a lot - for example I only stream They Are Billions when it's a Community Challenge - but it is there. please check the schedule to see when.

Project Hospital (Oxymoron Games)
Fed up with Two Point? Is Theme Hospital now a tad... childish? Project Hospital takes the comedy out of Lightheadedness and gives you some morbid death.

This more realistic look at hospital sims is great, if a little frustrating, but well worth the wait!
Transport Fever Logo Transport Fever (Urban Games)
Build your first transport service from humble beginnings across scenarios or an endless game. Take your first horse carts and upgrade them to diesel build buses and trains and monopolize the delivery of goods and services.

Featuring European and American campaigns, randomly generated or real life (from the steam workshop) maps; you are in control of your own transport network.... as long as you remain in profit.

Games I am Recording

This is the stuff I sometimes record for my Twitch Channel. It might be because I get more chances to play these games when I can't stream, or i can record an hour at a time and edit them together more into a Let's Play format. There is no guarantee that I will ever release content from this list, mainly because I do not always find the time to edit and publish; but it's the thought that counts.

Cities: Skylines Cities: Skylines (Colossal Order)
Starting from humble beginnings, build up a city of homes, factories and concert venues is hard work. Make sure the buses are running in the right direction and that (if you install workshop mods) the trains don't run empty when the factories are closed for the night.

This is a massive, open ended game. Or it can be a collection of scenarios that you must fix.
Paladins Logo Paladins (Hi-Rez)
Paladins is a free-to-play third-person shooter from Hi-Rez. Playing across a number of game modes and characters across a number of broad classes, players have to master both the game play and the strategy of cards that boost certain attributes.

Games I Play Offline

This is the stuff I am either trying to get into, or am just so bad at that you would probably pay me to not play.

Hash Rush Logo Hash Rush (VZ Games)
Coming Soon
Surviving Mars Logo Surviving Mars (Haemimont Games)
Have you ever wanted to build a colony on Mars? Now is that chance as you take your first rocket to the red planet, scavenge resources and build your first self-sufficient domes.

When you are ready, bring in the first colonists, nurture them and make sure they don't go mad or die as you look to make money and fund the next disaster around the corner.

Games I Have Queued

Games that I want to play, or want to play again are here. These might be games I have bought and have not played yet, or games that I have played and put on the back burner for the next DLC or update.

Verdun Logo Verdun (M2H)
A synopsis of this game has not been decided on yet.... even the Gaming God does not know why!
Airport CEO Logo Airport CEO (Apoapsis Studios)
Adding to the list of Rimworld, Prison Architect and other 2D games; Airport CEO is a reasonable top down builder where you can design and run your own single story airport.

Right now, this Early Access offering is an open ended affair, no real goal, but keep making money. I still have hopes for this game, which is why I still drop into it offline on an occasional basis.

Games I Have Archived

Whether they have run their course, if they were not right for me, or if they were just plain junk; the archived games, unlikely to see the light of my C:// again, end up here.

Two Point Hospital (Two Point Studios)
Remember Theme Hospital? Well it has a makeover and is dragged into 2018 for this new release from some of the same team.
No Image Available (Cities in Motion) Cities in Motion (Colossal Order)
Across a number of cities, build transport networks that the citizens can use, make profits to invest in upgrades and make sure the timetable is right.

Cities in Motion operates across buses trains and metros.
No Image Available (Dirty Bomb) Dirty Bomb (Splash Damage)
Set in a fistional version of London, a radiological attack has all but destroyed the city.

A Government team of mercenaries have been dispatched to clean the city and destroy the evidence. A criminal syndicate have dispatched a team to steal the technology that cleans the city up. The battles take place among a number of maps and formats in a two-team format.
A Screenshot from Railway Empire Railway Empire (Gaming Minds Studios)
Railway Empire is a railway management game with both free-play and scenario based gameplay.

In an era between 1830 and 1930, you can focus on freight, passengers or the task in hand as you get frustrated at the track laying conflicts and miss the realism of Transport Fever.
They Are Billions Logo They Are Billions (Numantian Games)
Kill the zombies before they eat you alive! They Are Billions is a strategy game where you have to defend your command centre against the billions.

Research and Build. Destroy or be Destroyed.