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What's a SlowPsycho?

A SlowPsycho? Why? didn't you know, he has thunder thighs and games mediocre, and his strategy style is psycho like a 6 high in Poker.

If you have never seen SlowPsycho playing games then you won't have any idea how mediocre he really is. Whether it is building up his Cities:Skylines and watching it burn down, or running across Erangel with just an afro, a black coat and a crowbar; SlowPsycho is hardly the person you will expect to be earning his chicken dinners.

Mostly found playing strategy and builder games though, broadcasting live on Twitch has it's benefits. You can see how not to defend against marauding hordes of infected zombies and indeed that in 1850 you can not haul much oil behind a paid of Stephenson's rockets.

About SlowPsycho

Hailing from the South of England - what, you never guessed from the accent? - SlowPsycho is a part time streamer who still has to pay the mortgage. By day he works for 'British Rail' and by night, or by day if he is working at night, he is trying to carve out a small community on both his Twitch channel and YouTube.

Outside of the digital gaming world, 'Slow' has a wife and two young children, caring for their disabilities while still trying to sneak in a few pints of excellent ale at nearby hostelries. SlowPsycho would love nothing better than to stream 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm, 5 days a week, and more at weekends; but the world simply does not work on a Centaurian day!

SlowPsycho also used to volunteer within a niche corner of the broadcasting and media industry, where he first developed a passion for being an outspoken extrovert. Simply book him a speakers spot at your event, give him a bottle of white wine and watch him explode... although you might not like the fallout in the press.

It does not matter whether he wins or loses a game. Via his Twitch Channel and his reviews, he plays some of the best... and worst in strategy games so you don't need to, unless of course you like what you see and you want to.